The “Alerts” section allows you to view and edit the list of all the alerts received by mailers, change the status of the alert, view grouped lists of alerts, and save alert’s reports.

To view the report, go to the All Reports > Alerts section.

The “Alerts” report contains the following information:

  • Date: The alert creation date.

  • Type: The type of the alert (Complaint or Non-Compliance).

  • Status: The status of the alert.

  • Mailer: The name of the mailer.

  • Campaign: The name of the Campaign.

  • List: The name of the list.

  • Email: An email that has been unsubscribed twice. Note: For the Non-Compliance alerts, the value is 0.

  • Alert: The alert event. Note: For the Complaint alerts, a “User is getting emails five days after opt-out” message is shown. For the Non-Compliance alerts, a “Campaign has not been reviewed by mailer for N days” message is displayed. The “N” number of days is set up in the Project Settings section.