Auto Charge Prepaid Buyers

This feature allows you to set an auto-charge of the Buyer`s balance when it reaches the specified amount (Only for the Buyers who have enabled the Prepaid Buyer option).

Read more about the Prepaid Buyer option in our Knowledge Base article.

If the Buyer`s balance goes below the amount specified in the “When Balance Gets Below” field, it will trigger the automatic balance replenishment with the amount set in the “Amount to Charge” field. The system syncs and checks the balance after every lead sale to a Buyer.

To enable this feature, go to the Project Settings > LMS & Call Logic > Buyer Settings subtab, “Prepaid Auto Charge Settings” section.

  1. Enter the list of emails (comma separated) for the mailing in the “Partner Balance Replenishment notification” field.

  2. Enter the list of emails (comma separated) for the BCC mailing in the “BCC For Partner Balance Replenishment notification” field.

  3. Specify the replenishment amount in the “Amount to Charge Values” field.


  4. Buyer Representatives should go to the Account Settings > My Profile > Billing Settings tab and set up payment settings.

Note: The payment system configuration you would like to use for this option should have the “Use Payment Tokens” enabled.

Read about how to set up Authorize.Net as a payment method in our Knowledge Base article.

Read about how to set up Stripe as a payment method in our Knowledge Base article.

On the “Auto Recharge” tab, the Buyer Representative should fill in the following fields:

  • Auto Recharge Status: Select the “Enabled” option from the list.

  • Payment Method: Select the payment method for the balance replenishment.

  • Amount to Charge: Select the amount for the automatic balance replenishment.

  • When Balance Gets Below: Enter the lower limit of the balance that will trigger the auto charge transaction.

Select the checkbox in the User Agreement section and click the “Save” button.