What is a Campaign and why do you need to create one? Here is everything you need to know about campaign types in the Phonexa system.

A campaign is a method of working with a particular type of traffic. Campaigns are created for a particular buyer and a buyer may have more than one campaign in order to segment traffic based on quality, lead processing method, or other criteria.

Campaigns are associated with a particular buyer and thus are not shared with other buyers in your Phonexa system.

It is important to note that without having at least one campaign set up, a buyer will not be able to receive traffic.

Campaigns are divided into the following types:

  • Main processing results in a redirect page being presented to the consumer after the buyer accepts the post.

  • Silence does not present a redirect page. The buyer accepts the data and contacts the customer directly with an offer.

  • Direct Call campaigns determine which type of calls go to a buyer. The call campaign determines which calls go to a buyer based on filters, resections, schedules, and caps.