Contact Us Report

Wondering how you can find the log of the received letters in the system? Check this Contact Us report guide for more information.

The Contact Us report shows the log of all letters received by the system. You can sort the data in the report by Date, Sent IP, Sender IP, Browser, Sender Browser, and Success status.

To view the report go to the All Reports >All Reports > Logs > Contact Us.

To sort the report you can use the next filters:

  • Date;

  • Sent IP;

  • Sender IP;

  • Browser;

  • Sender Browser;

  • Success (Yes / No);

The following data is shown in the reports table:

ID - the ID number of the incoming letter;

Date - the date of receiving the letter;

Sent IP;

Sender IP - the IP address of the sender;


Sender browser;

Subject - the topic of the letter;

Message - text of the letter;

Email - the e-mail address of the sender;

Phone - the phone number of the sender;


Success - status;


To view detailed information about the letter, click on the “View full information” button in the corresponding line.