The “Dashboard” section shows you an overview of today's activity, stats, lists of top mailers and alerts.

To view the “Dashboard” section, go to the upper left corner and click “Dashboard”.

You can customize the dashboard by adding available widgets and blocks based on your preference:

  • Opt-Outs: Displays the total number of email addresses who have unsubscribed compared to the previous 7 and 30 days.

  • Stats: Displays the total number of mailers, lists, campaigns, and contacts.

  • Transfers: Shows the total number of exports and imports compared to the previous 7 and 30 days.

  • Alerts: Widget allows you to view the total number of complaints and non-compliance alerts as well as the number of active complaints and non-compliance alerts.

  • Activity: Displays the activities of the previous 7 or 30 days.

  • Top Mailers: Displays the top mailers and the opt-outs by mailers.

  • Last Alerts: Shows the last six alerts. Note: To check the “Alerts” report, click the “View Alerts Report” button.

  • Mailers Last Activity: Displays the last six activities performed by mailers. Note: To check the import and export report, click the “View Import/Export Report” button.