Disabled links

The Disabled links section will explain how to disable a tracking link of a partner as well as how to manage the existing disabled links.


The “Disabled links” section allows you to disable a partner tracking link and displays a list of the existing disabled links. To view the list go to the Offers > Disabled Links section.

You can find a disabled link using the next filter fields:

  • Advertiser - select an appropriate advertiser name from the drop-down list;

  • Offer - select an offer from the drop-down list.

The table displays the following data:

  • ID - the ID number of the disabled link;

  • Advertiser - the name of the advertiser;

  • Offer - the name of appropriate offer;

  • Source - the name of source related to this link (can be empty);

  • Sub - shows a value entered in Sub field (can be empty);

  • Exact Match - the “Yes” value displays if this link has Sub or Source data;

  • Added - date of the link creation;

  • Actions - contains a “Delete” button.

To create a new disabled link click the “Add” button.

Fill in the next data fields in the “New Creative” pop-up window:

  • Advertiser

  • Offer

  • Source

  • Sub1

  • Sub2

  • Sub3

  • Sub4

  • Sub5

  • Exact Match (On/Off)

To remove the disabled link click the “Delete” button in the “Actions” column.