Domains (Phonexa ESP)

The Domains section allows you to add specific domains and view information about existing domains that can be used with Phonexa ESP.

To view the Domains sender list, go to the Phonexa ESP > Domains section. The Domains sender list contains the following information:

  • Name: The name of the domain.
  • Registered On: The date when the domain was registered.
  • Expires On: The domain expiration date.

Note: The text turns red when 30 days are left from the expiration date.

  • isVerified: Displays if the domain is verified (Unverified, Verified).
  • isActive: Displays if the domain is active (Disabled, Active).

To add the domain to the list, click the “Add Domain” button. Enter the domain and click the “Add” button to confirm.

To verify the domain, click the “Verify” button in the “Actions” column. Click the “Re-Verify Domain” button in the popup window to verify the domain. Click the “Refresh” button to refresh the page.

Note: First, you need to set up the domain's DKIM and SPF for successful verification.

Read more about the DMARC (Domain-based  Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance), SPF, and DKIM email validation protocols in this Knowledge Base article.