Employee Registration using Documents

Employee Registration using Documents Looking to set up or receive Documents from the system? Check our quick guide to employee registration using Documents.

You can view the detailed instruction on how to enable and set up the Documents In Registration option and how to receive a list of Documents from the system.


  1. Go to https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/reference/project?Current-tab[0]=%23employee-setting

  2. The Enable Documents In Registration field authorizes the activation of the documents to be used during registration. The options are: Yes and No.

  3. The Use Documents on System Publisher Registration Form is meant to be used within Employee Registration Form on https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/auth/registration-employee (hereinafter the REGISTRATION FORM)

  4. The Documents field lists the documents that will be displayed to the user in the REGISTRATION FORM with which they agree when signing up in the system.

  5. In the Allow Use Documents On Web Pages section, lists the URLs that can request the list or any specific document.

Using Documents within Employee Registration Form

1. To display documents you need:

  • Set Enable Documents In Registration to Yes.

  • Set the Use Documents on System Publisher Registration Form field to Yes.

  • At least one document is specified in the Documents field.

2. New user documents will appear in the signed list (https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/doc/document-internal-signed) after:

  • They confirm their registration by following the confirmation link delivered to their email (https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/auth/confirm?key={GENERATED_KEY}).

  • Approval on the page https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/user/preregister-employee

To receive a list of Documents

1. External systems can receive a list of documents by making a request to the address https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/document-sign/list-for-employee

  • If the referrer specified in the request is not listed in the Allow Use Documents On Web Pages, the request will come back as Forbidden with the status 403.

  • If Enable Documents In Registration is set to No and referrer specified in the request is listed in the Allow Use Documents On Web Pages, the response to the request will be a JSON block ([]).

  • With the JSON block response the following information about the document can be provided: 

  • {DOCUMENT_VERSION_ID} - ID version documents (used for sending the form for registration).

  • {DOCUMENT_VERSION_TITLE} - Document name.

  • {DOCUMENT_VIEW_LINK} - Link to obtain document content.

2. External sites can receive the contents of a document (HTML) by requesting the address https://[SYSTEM_DOMAIN]/document-sign/view-employee-document?id={DOCUMENT_VERSION_ID}.