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Learn how you can add new IP addresses to the Trusted IP List and manage them effortlessly in our short guide.
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The Trusted IP List option allows you to create and manage your trusted IP addresses, so you can skip two-factor authentication or pin code when logging into the system from a trusted IP address.

It is not recommended to use this option if you have dynamic IP or VPN connection. To view the list, go to the Account settings > My profile section, select the “Security” tab, and “Trusted IP List” subtab.

The Trusted IP list contains the following information:

  • IP Address - the trusted IP address.

  • Type Authentification - the type of two-factor authentication that you would like to skip.

  • Created Date - the date of the creation of trusted IP.

To add a new IP address to the Trusted IP list, click the “Add New Address” button.

add ip

In the “Add New” pop-up window, fill in the following fields:

  • Auth Type - select the type of two-factor authentication that you would like to skip. (e.g., if you want to disable Google Authenticator for the Trusted IP, select the “Google Authenticator” option from the drop-down list).

  • IP - enter the IP address (by default, the field displays your current IP address).

Click the “Add” button to complete the action.

To edit the record, click the “Edit” button in the “Action” column.

To delete a Trusted IP, click the “Delete” button in the “Action” column.

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