The TrustedForm third-party service allows you to automatically claim the certificate using your credentials via the API request to the TrustedForm service. In response to the API request, TrustedForm will return a URL with masked data (website URL) that can be sent to buyers.

To enable the service, go to the Fraud Detector > iClear section and select a Product from the drop-down list.

Once you select the Product, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Lead Processing Rules (iClear) sub-tab. You may also navigate here by selecting the System Management > Products section on the left-hand menu and clicking on the “Settings” button for the corresponding product (Lead Processing Rules (iClear) sub-tab).

To configure the service, click the “Add Service” button in the Global Rules block. Fill in the following fields:

  • Select Third Party Service: Select the “Trusted Form” option.

  • Select a TrustedForm URL field: The autodetect field. To properly post the TrustedForm URL into Phonexa, use the trustedFormUrl parameter, where the field name is case-sensitive.

  • Select a fallback field (optional): Select a Product field. In case the “TrustedForm URL” field is empty, the value is provided by this field as an alternative.

  • Trusted Form API Key: Fill in the TrustedForm API key.

  • Claim Period: The certificate is automatically deleted unless a user with the paid TrustedForm account claims it before the end of the set-up claim period.

    • Select the “Standard” option to assign the 3-day claim period.

    • Select the “Extended” option to assign the 90-day claim period.

  • Execution Type:

    • Select the "Synchronous" option to wait for the service outcome before processing a lead. This execution type is recommended for real-time lead filtration based on the service status.

    • Select the "Asynchronous" option to make a simultaneous request and process a lead without waiting for the service outcome. This execution type is recommended for analytical purposes and not for real-time lead filtration based on the service status.

  • % of leads lookup: Set the percentage of leads to be checked through this service.

  • Reject if lead age is greater than: Fill in the maximum lead age value for the lead to be filtered out.

    • Days

    • Hours

    • Minutes

Click the “Add” button to confirm.

Read more about the Global Rules and Advanced Rules configuration in this Knowledge Base article.

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