The TrustedForm Claim feature allows you to claim the TrustedForm certificate and send the masked TrustedForm URL to the Buyer.

TrustedForm is a third-party service that allows you to record consumers’ behavior on your website and obtain proof of consent through a TrustedForm Certificate. This certificate is automatically deleted after 72 hours unless a user with the paid TrustedForm account claims it. The TrustedForm Claim feature allows you to automatically claim the certificate using your credentials via the API request to the TrustedForm service. In response to the API request, TrustedForm will return a URL with masked data (website URL, page snapshot, and video replay) that can be sent to buyers. Note: To properly post the TrustedForm URL into Phonexa, use the trustedFormUrl parameter, where the field name is case sensitive.

To activate the TrustedForm Claim feature, go to the Project Settings > LMS & Call Logic > Additional components. In the “Trusted Form API Key” field, enter the unique key for your TrustedForm account.

trusted api progect settings2

You can set this feature on the Product or the Publisher level. Please note that Product and Publisher settings work independently. You can enable it for the Publisher without activating it for the Product. When this feature is enabled for the Product, it will automatically be enabled for all Publishers that work with this Product.

To set this feature for the Product, go to System Management > Products, select the Product, and enable the “Trusted Form” in the Data hygiene > Data verification tab.


To set this feature for the Publisher, go to the Publisher settings, in the Publisher Management > Publishers > Trusted Form tab click the “Add Trusted form” button, and add one or more Products.


To delete the Product from the list, click the “Delete” button in the “Action” column.

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