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Here’s everything you need to know about the White Label feature for LMS Sync or Call Logic and high-class DDoS protection service.
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The White Label feature allows you to gain access to our enterprise-class DDoS protection service that will actively protect your website against all forms of DDoS attacks.

(This service is available for free for the Enterprise package only)

If you decide to take advantage of Phonexa’s white-label feature for LMS Sync, in addition to branding aspects, you will gain access to our enterprise-class DDoS protection service which will actively protect your website against all forms of DDoS attacks. If you choose to white-label you will need to provide:

  1. The Root Domain name you will be using to white label LMS Sync or Call Logic. Example (COMPANYNAME.com).

  2. The Current DNS configuration if it is not a brand new domain. (optional)

We will provide you with NS records that you will need to use to update your domain’s configuration at the registrar level.

Please note that due to the intricacies of this setup, you must use the name servers provided by us. You will not be able to simply forward your subdomains to Phonexa by using an A record or similar approach, as our DDOS protection services use floating IP addresses. Furthermore, we cannot disclose any of our IP addresses due to security considerations. However, going forward, your whole domain will be completely protected from DDOS attacks*.

This means that:

  1. Phonexa will control all the DNS records and subdomains on your domain.

  2. If in the future you need to change anything in the domain DNS settings in (COMPANYNAME.com) you will need to create a support case or request it by email. Usually, it takes up to 2 working days.

  3. Phonexa’s DNS account provides the highest level of security to all our clients. By doing this we protect the Phonexa platforms from the most common internet threats and make sure the platform has the best performance.

  4. Subdomains can not be used for Phonexa White labeling.
    Example. portal.COMPANYNAME.com will not be accepted.

After performing these configuration steps, you will have 3 sub-domains added to your zone record (while preserving any other subdomains you had prior to the change). For example, if your domain is <your_site_domain>.com, then the 3 additional subdomains listed below will be created:

  • cp.COMPANYNAME.com – Your LMS Sync/Call Logic control panel.

  • leads.COMPANYNAME.com – lead processor for incoming leads.

  • cdn101.COMPANYNAME.com – content delivery subdomain for distribution of your promotional materials (forms, banners, widgets, etc.)

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