You can view the detailed instruction on how to configure the Global settings for the Campaign.

Global - The tab contains the main settings of the Campaign:

  • Name - the Campaign’s name.

  • Product - Products names.

  • Campaign Type - Phone DC/ Silence/ Phone HT. Find more information about Campaign Types in the Knowledge Base

  • Timezone - timezone, to which campaign will be attached.

  • Min Price - minimum price of the Campaign for Leads purchasing

  • Status -Disabled, Active, Paused, Temp Paused.

  • Add per minute cost (Active / Disabled) - to enable select the “Active” option.

  • Status For Accounting Buyer Call Price (All / Sold / Reject) - the Buyer will be charged the cost per minute fee only for the leads with the chosen status.

  • Per minute cost price - the price to be charged for each minute of the Buyer call.

To apply settings click the “Save Global Settings” button.

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