To obtain more detailed and exact data in the “Group by Keyword” and “Details” reports, you need to import information about calls from Google Ads. The option has 2 configuration levels:

  • Google Ads

  • Phonexa System

Google Ads Configuration

  1. First, download the report from Google Ads. Go to the Reports> Predefined Reports (Dimensions)> Extensions> Call Details section to open the report.

2. To download the report choose the date range and select the next required data groups in the “Columns” block:

  • Start time

  • End time

  • Caller country code

  • Caller area code

  • Campaign

  • Ad group

  • Search keyword

  • Campaign ID

  • Keyword ID

  • Ad group ID

3. Click the “Download” button to download the report and select the .csv format.

Phonexa System Configuration

  1. Select the Call Logic system and go to the Analytics and Optimization> Publisher Analytics> Google AdWords Report section and open the Details tab.

2. To upload your report from Google Ads click on the “Import” button. Select the Time Zone(Time Zone must be similar as in the Google Ads account).

To check the Time Zone sign in to Google Ads account. Expand the “Tools and Settings” menu and go to the Preference tab in the Setup section.

Time Zone information is displayed in the Account Preferences tab.

Choose your .csv file and click the “Import” button.

If the uploaded file is correct, the system will display you following window:

If the uploaded file does not have the required data groups, the system will show you a window with required columns:

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