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Wondering how to play automatic audio messages during client calls? Check our quick guide to the IVR Simple Transfer template.
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The IVR template "Simple Transfer" allows playing the audio message when the campaign can not accept the call at that moment. This option is available for any product.

In some cases, Call Logic users need to make a simple transfer of the incoming call to a specific campaign. If the campaign can not accept the call at that moment (ex. after-hours etc) the audio message must be played.

For this purpose, the IVR template "Simple Transfer" was created and is available for any product.

To set up an IVR for such an instance, you need to:

  1. Go to System Management > General > IVR and click the “Create New IVR” button.

2. In the pop-up window Name the IVR and choose the Product Type, Basic Language and the Recognition Type in the fields. Click the “Add” button to save.

3. Click on the “Constructor” button to enter the edit mode.

4. Select the “Simple Transfer keypad mode” template. Click the “Apply” button to save.

5. To configure the audio message click the “Constructor” button.

6. If the campaign is READY to accept the call. In the pop-up window name the audio in the “Title” field, choose the language in the “Message Language” field and the Ping Tree type. To upload the audio file click the “Browse” button in the “Audio File If Buyer was Found” field (this message is optional). Click the “Save” button.

7. If the campaign is NOT READY to accept the call(this message is required). In the pop-up window name the audio in the “Title” field, choose the “My Audio File” to upload your existing audio. Click the “Browse” button to upload the file in the “Audio File for Keypad Mode” field. Click the “Save” button.

8. If there is no block for User Input in the IVR the service messages for downloads are optional.

After activating the IVR, depending on the operating hours of the campaign, the client will either be transferred to that campaign or will hear a message that the campaign is currently unable to take calls.

To view the work schedule of the campaign, go to the Client Manager > Setup > Campaigns. Choose the Campaign and click the “Configure” button. On the Campaign Setup page choose the “Schedule” tab and learn the information below.

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