Publisher Settings: Tracking Tab
Looking to track all your leads? Check our quick guide to the Publisher Settings: Tracking Tab and find out how to set up tracking.
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This tab allows set your S2S Postback to track all your leads. You can set up tracking by URL and price as well as your Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking.

Tracking URL List

To set up the Tracking URL go to the Publisher Management > Publishers section, select the Publisher and click the “View” button in the “Actions” column. On the Publisher’s setup page go to the “Tracking” tab and in the “Tracking URL List” section click the “Add URL” button.

Fill in the following fields in the pop-up window:

  • Product - select the Product from the drop-down list;

  • Channel - select the Channel from the drop-down list;

  • Source - select the Source from the drop-down list;

  • Fire on Action - available the following actions:
    • Campaign Accepted;
    • Lead Sold;
    • Lead Rejected;
    • Lead Sold - pixel;
    • Lead Reject - pixel;
    • Lead Sold (price >0).

  • Lead Method - ask your publisher through which method they want to receive the ping, FORM, or POST.

  • URL for Ping - in this field you need to specify the link to which the publisher requested to ping. If you need to substitute some parameters in the link, for example, the Lead price, add it with the help of "Add System Placeholders to URL".

  • Status - allows you to enable or disable ping.

Click the “Save” button to complete.

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Amount Tracking

The “Amount Tracking URL” feature allows you to manage the notifications (pings) about reaching the predefined threshold for the amount on the Publisher’s balance.

The example of feature work logic:

Assume, that in the “Amount to fire” field 20.00 USD value is installed. The Lead with the 5.00 USD price is sent and sold to the Publisher. The data about this action will be recorded and displayed in the Publisher Report but the ping notification itself will not be sent because the Lead sold price is lower than 20.00 USD.

Then, Lead with the 40.00 USD price will be sent and sold to the Publisher, and on the total amount the Publisher has for a moment is 45.00 USD (40.00 + 5.00) now. Because this amount is higher than 20.00 USD the Publisher will receive a ping notification.

To configure the option go to the Publisher Management > Publishers section. Open the “Publisher list” tab and click the “View” button in the “Action” column. In the Publisher’s profile open the “Tracking tab” and in the “Amount Tracking” block click the “Add Amount Tracking URL” button.

Fill in the following fields in the “Add Amount Tracking Url” form:

  • Source - select the Publisher Source from the drop-down list;

  • Amount to fire, $ - the amount of money upon reaching which a ping will be sent.

  • URL for ping - enter the URL for ping;

  • Status - pixel status - “Active”/”Disabled”. If the “Disabled” status chosen - Pixel won't fire and won't calculate.

Click the “Save” button to complete.

Google Analytics

In this block, you can find instructions about the Google Analytics implementation on your website. By clicking on the Google Analytics tracking and Google Analytics ID link you will be able to see info from Google Support about Setting up the Analytics tag. Enter your Google Analytics ID in the field from step 2, then copy and paste the script from step 3 to your webpage.

To save the Google ID click the “Save Google ID Analytics” button to complete.

Google Ads

To make the integration with the Google Ads service copy code from the corresponding field and put it in the Google Ads > Bulk operations > Scripts, and set Schedule > Hourly section. To obtain additional information about this service click the “Documentation” button and view the details in the “Add URL” pop-up window.

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