The Lead Details section displays detailed data about all leads in your system such as Lead ID, post status, quality, post price, state, IP, and other.

The Lead Details section displays detailed data about all leads in your system. To view the report go to the All Reports > Buyer Reports > Lead Details section. To generate a specific list of leads use the filter fields on the top of the window and click the “Search” button to continue.

The “Lead Details” report displays the following data:

  • Date - date and time when lead entered the system

  • Post - post status of the lead:
    1. Accept - lead bought by the Buyer
    2. Reject - lead rejected by the Buyer
    3. Timeout - time for response is up.

  • Lead ID - identification number of the lead

  • Quality - column displays the number of times the same lead entered the system:
    1. 1st left bubble - within the last 24 hours
    2. 2nd from left - within last 2 weeks
    3. 3rd from left - within last 30 days
    4. 4th from left - within last 45 days.

  • Product - Product name

  • Buyer - Buyer name

  • Campaign - campaign name

  • Redirect - redirect status of the lead

  • Post Price, $ - the price offered to the buyer for the specific lead

  • TTL, $ - total payment

  • Publisher - Publisher name

  • Source - publisher source

  • Time - the time during which the lead has been processed

  • Comment - any announcements about the lead processing

  • Email - email address mentioned in the lead

  • State - state mentioned in the lead

  • Ip - internet protocol address used to fill in the required information.

To open the lead logs click the “Logs” button in the “Action” column and the system will redirect you to the appropriate page.

To review the Lead Info page click the ID number of the lead in the “Lead ID” column.

To export the report data click the “Export to CSV” button and choose the “Current Page” or “All Pages” type from the drop-down list.

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