The Publisher Products API section allows you to view the API documentation for the product. To find the API documentation, go to the Publisher Management > Setup > Publisher Products API section.

Choose the product from the list and click the “Select” button. The system will show the API documentation of the chosen product.

The report includes the following paragraphs:

  • Introduce - introductory information about the API product

  • Overview - general review of the API product

  • Leads Specs - a list of available options

  • Sample PHP code - example of PHP code

  • Response Samples - the examples of responses for leads accepted or rejected by the lead generator

  • Test Mode - a mode that allows you to send a test lead.

For testing Reject, please use the same live credentials but add testMode=1 in the parameter list.

For testing Sold, use the same live credentials but add testMode=1 and testSold=1 in the parameter list.

IMPORTANT: make sure to remove it once you are done testing and start sending live leads.

Click the “Get as PDF” button to download the documentation in PDF-file.

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