The System Activity report shows all the important events in the system, such as the creation of new Buyer Campaigns, Publishers who started posting traffic through new channels, new price-reject offers, and price changes in the Buyer Campaign.

To view the report go to the All Reports >All Reports > Logs > System Activity

To generate the report in details, use the next filters fields:

  • Date;

  • Product;

  • Log Type (Buyer campaigns / Publisher channels);

  • Publisher Agent;

  • Publisher;

  • Buyer Agent;

  • Buyer.

The following data is shown in the reports table:

Date - event time;

Event - description of the event;

Product - a product with which event was related to;

Log type - category to which event was related to;

Clicking on the “View” button in the “Actions” column will redirect you to the “Rev-Share” tab of the product edit page.

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