Publisher Configuration: Tracking
Check our short guide on how to use the Publisher Configuration: Tracking tab to access essential tracking settings.
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Tracking - is the process of sending lead parameters to your third-party tracking system. We support dynamic parameters - placeholder text that starts and ends in curly brackets. A Placeholder is a keyword in the system that provides information for tracking actions.

The tab contains following blocks of settings:

  • Tracking URL List - the list of all Tracking URLs. The columns contain the following data - Product, Tracking URL, Fire Action (Campaign Accepted / Lead Sold / Lead Rejected / Lead Sold - pixel / Lead Reject - pixel), Method (FORM / POST), Status (Active / Disabled), Actions (Edit / Delete). To add new URL to the list, click the “Add URL” button.

  • Amount Tracking - allows you to manage the notifications (pings) about reaching the predefined threshold for the amount on Publisher’s balance. To configure the option, press the “Add Amount Tracking URL” button.

  • Google Analytics - instructions about the Google Analytics implementation on your website. To save the Google ID click the “Save Google ID Analytics” button to complete.

  • Google Ads - the code for integration with the Google Ads.

Read detailed information and instructions about configuring the Tracking option in the Knowledge Base.

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