The “Main” tab contains general information about the Publisher (ID, Nick Name, Main Email, Status). You can add and change the information in the corresponding fields.

  • ID - Publisher ID number

  • Nick Name - Publisher Nick Name

  • Main email - primary Publisher’s email.

  • Status (Pending / Active / Deleted / Disabled).

To change the Publisher Status click the button with a current value icon. In the pop-up window select the Status and leave a Comment. To complete, click the “Save” button.

  • Name - the full name of the Publisher.

  • Registration Date - the date of the Publisher’s registration.

  • Groups - the group/groups the Publisher is included to.

  • Referals - the Nick Name of the Publisher Agent that provided you the referral link.

  • Publisher Agent - the Full Name of the Publisher Agent and Contact.

To change the Publisher Agent, click the “Change Agent” button. Select a Publisher Agent from the list, leave a Comment (if needed) and click the “Save” button to complete.

The “Edit Agent” button redirects you to the same page in the settings of chosen Publisher Agent.

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