Publisher Configuration: Reject Links
Wondering about creating the reject URLs? Check this short guide to the Publisher Configuration: Reject Links tab.
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The “Reject Links” tab allows you to create a Reject URL in response to Posts or Forms.

The tab displays all of the Reject URLs that are added in the Publisher’s system. To modify the settings of the Reject URL, select the URL in the list and press the “Edit” button. To delete, choose the “Delete” button next to it.

You can add a new configuration by pressing the “Add New Config” button. In the pop-up window choose the Product from the drop-down list, Method (FORM / POST), enter the Reject URL. To save the configuration, click the “Save” button.

You can also set manually the Custom Redirect Link which lets you redirect leads through your website, allowing you to perform analytics using third-party services on your side.

To customize the redirect you can use the following placeholders in the link:

  • %REDIRECT_URL% - redirect URL;

  • %REDIRECT_CODE% - internal redirect code;

  • %REDIRECT_URL_ENCODED% - securely shielded redirect URL.

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