Publisher Configuration: Contacts
Wondering where you can find publisher contact information? Check our quick guide to the Publisher Configuration: Contacts tab.
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The “Contacts” tab contains Publisher contact information. You can add, manage, and delete the Publisher’s contact from the system.

Contact information consists of five columns:

  • Type (Email / Cell Phone / Landline / Physical Address / Skype / Web Site)

  • Status (Active / Disabled)

  • Value - a field with entered data.

  • Verify (Primary / Verified / Not verified)

  • Actions (Set Primary / Delete)

To add the new Publisher’s contact, click the “Add New Record” button, choose the type of contact (Email / Cell Phone / Landline / Physical Address / Skype / Web Site), fill in the required fields in the pop-up window and click the “Add” button to save.

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