To manage the Buer's Default Notifications settings, go to the Buyer's Profile and choose the Default Notifications tab. You can enable or disable Timeout Automation and Notifications, Cap Notifications settings using “ON/OFF” values.

To set up and configure Buyer’s Default Notifications Settings go to Client Management > Buyer List section. Choose the buyer and click the “Settings” button in the “Action” column. On the Buyer’s Profile page open the “Default Notifications” tab.

In the main block, you can enable or disable “Timeout Automation”, “Timeout Notifications”, “Cap Notifications” settings blocks using “ON/OFF” values.

Please note, that in the “Custom Preset” mode all switchers should be enabled. In case, that at least one is inactive, notifications will not be sent.

In the “Timeout Automation” block you can manage:

  • Maximum % of timeouts - percentage ratio of leads with timeout status from the total lead amount.

  • Minimum number of timeouts - minimum amount of leads with timeout status

  • Timeouts within past - the time range, within which the lead with timeout status has been detected in the system.

  • Pause the campaign for (X) minutes - the amount of time for which the current campaign will be paused.

The “Timeout Notifications” block contains the following settings:

  • Notification recipient list - the list of emails, on which notifications should be sent.

  • Maximum number of notifications to be sent - number of letters with notifications, that can be sent within the time in the “Notifications to be sent every (X) hour(s)” field.

  • Notifications to be sent every (X) hour(s) - indicates, how often the notification emails will be sent (in hours).

In the “Cap Notifications” block you can put a list of recipients for such kinds of notifications in the “Notification recipient list” field.

To restore system default settings click the “Reset to system defaults” button.

In the system available the preset modes, which can be applied according to Buyer’s needs:

Preset groups

High Volume campaign is a campaign that usually gets at least 3,000 leads per hour.

Mid Volume campaign is a campaign that usually gets at least 1,000 leads per hour.

Low Volume campaign is a campaign that usually gets at least 400 leads per hour.

Parallel campaign - Silent campaigns


Strict: The most prohibitive timeout settings level.

Medium: Apply these settings when the error rate goes slightly above the normal level.

Soft: Baseline settings for a network or a lender without abnormal errors.

To set up the preset mode for Buyer chose the option from the list at the top of the main block. To obtain additional information click the info icon near the field.

These settings can be used for further Campaigns of the Buyer. To view this action go to Client Management > Setup > Campaigns section. Click the “Configure” button in the “Action” column. On the Campaign Setup page open the “Notifications” tab. To apply the Buyer’s preset Notifications Settings click the “Reset to Buyer’s Default” button to restore the current campaign’s notification settings and set up the Buyer’s Default Notifications configuration.

Also here you can manage the Buyer Default Notifications if they are not set up.

To manage default notifications for Buyer click the “click here” button in the block with the “The buyer's default notification setting is empty” message. The system will redirect you to the “Default Notifications” block in the Buyer’s Profile (Client Management > Buyer List > Actions column > Settings button > Default Notifications tab). This message is shown only if Notification settings are not configured in the Buyer’s Profile.

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