The “Performance report” displays all data regarding the offer (by default) in the current state. To view the report go to the All Reports > Performance Report section.

You can sort existing data by such parameters:

  • Date - specify the date range;

  • Offer - choose the appropriate offer from the drop-down list;

  • Advertiser - choose the appropriate one advertiser from the drop-down list;

  • Affiliate - choose the appropriate one affiliate from the drop-down list

  • Country - choose the appropriate country from the drop-down list;

  • Source - specify the source.

The data list by default displays the next columns:

  • Offer - the name of offer;

  • Impressions - the number of impressions for this offer;

  • Clicks - the number of clicks for this offer;

  • Unique Clicks - the quantity of unique clicks for this offer (excludes clicks by each user after their first);

  • Conversions - the number of approved conversions;

  • Payout - the total disbursement;

  • Revenue - the total income;

  • CTR (click-through-rate) - the percentage value that divides impressions by clicks to show what percentage of people saw the ad/link and clicked through;

  • CR (conversion rate) - the percentage of incoming clicks that result in conversions.

To add more details to your report, use these tabes:

  • by Offer - shows offer name;

  • by Offer Goal - shows offer goal;

  • by Date - shows date for each action;

  • by Advertiser - shows advertiser name;

  • by Affiliate - shows affiliate name;

  • by Payout Type - shows you payout type (Cost per Click/Cost per Conversion/Cost per Conversion plus Cost per Sale/Cost per Sale/Cost per Thousand Impressions);

  • by Country - shows offer’s country (can be empty);

  • by Vertical - shows specified vertical;

  • by Browser - show browser for this offer (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, etc.);

  • by Platform - shows operating platform (Windows, Linux, iPhone, etc.);

  • by Source - shows source (can be empty);

  • by Sub1 - shows Sub1 (can be empty);

  • by Sub2 - shows Sub2 (can be empty);

  • by Sub3 - shows Sub3 (can be empty);

  • by Sub4 - shows Sub4 (can be empty);

  • by Sub5 - shows Sub5 (can be empty);

If all the tabs that are listed above have been chosen, the report will be displayed in the following way:

You can save the selected filtering settings (except date range) and column filters for the report. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and click the “Save” button. The saved report will be available in the “Saved Reports” section.

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