The Custom Tracking URL feature allows you to mask the URL of your instance with a custom domain specifically for the messages sent through email and SMS campaigns.

To manage the feature, go to the List Management > Custom Tracking URL section. To generate a detailed list of domains, use the Domain and Status filters.

To add a new domain to the list, click the “Add Domain” button. Fill in the domain name in the pop-up window and click the “Add” button.


Please note: when adding a custom domain, we suggest it to be a spare domain or a subdomain as you will need to add the CNAME record for it.


To enable a new domain, you have to add a CNAME record to your Cloudflare. Once the record is verified, the domain becomes enabled, and all of the messages sent through your email and SMS campaigns are sent with the custom URL. Example:

Note: You may add as many domains as you want, but only one domain can be active at a time.

If your domain becomes disabled or the CNAME record is modified, you will receive an email notification.

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