The “Advertiser Management” section allows you to search, manage existing and create new advertisers. To view the list, go to the Advertisers > Advertiser Management section.

You can sort existing advertisers using the next filter fields:

  • Create Date - specify the date range of advertiser creating;

  • Status - choose a status from the drop-down list (Active/Pending/Blocked/Deleted);

  • Agent - select an appropriate agent name from the drop-down list.

The advertisers' list displays the next data columns:

  • ID - identification number of this advertiser;

  • Advertiser - the name of the specified advertiser;

  • Status - the status of the category (Active/Pending/Blocked/Deleted);

  • Agent - the name of the connected agent;

  • Create Date - creation date of this advertiser;

  • Impressions - the number of impressions for this advertiser;

  • Clicks - the number of clicks for this advertiser;

  • Unique Clicks - the number of unique clicks for this advertiser;

  • Revenue - total income;

  • Actions - contains “View” and “Edit” buttons.

To check information regarding the specific advertiser click the “View” button in the “Actions” column. The system opens a table with the following data in the new tab:

  • ID

  • Advertiser’s Name

  • Status

  • Email

  • Country

  • State

  • City

  • Address

  • Address (second line)

  • ZIP

  • Phone

  • Fax


To configure the advertiser data click the “Edit” button in the “Actions” column. The system redirects you to the Edit webpage with options divided into two tabs:

In the “General” tab you can edit common data:

  • Advertiser

  • Agent

  • Status

  • Email

  • Country

  • City

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • Zipcode

  • Phone

    In the “Account Settings” tab you can edit profile data:

  • Buyer name - the name of the advertiser;

  • Email(s) - an email which will be used for receiving invoices;

  • Address - advertiser’s physical address;

  • Invoice Period - payout frequency (manual/weekly/biweekly/monthly/semimonthly);

  • Due Period - the period of invoice creation;

  • Report Notification Email - frequency of receiving report notifications (disabled/weekly/biweekly/monthly/semi-monthly);

  • Limit of all offer’s files, MB - limit of size for offer’s files (can be empty)

To create a new advertiser fill in the next data fields in the “New Advertiser” pop-up window:

  • Advertiser - the name of the advertiser;

  • Agent - choose an appropriate agent from the drop-down list;

  • Status - the status of this advertiser (Active/Pending/Blocked/Deleted);

  • Email - specify an email address for this advertiser;

  • Country - choose the appropriate country from the drop-down list;

  • City - enter a city name;

  • Address 1 - specify an address for this advertiser;

  • Address 2 - specify a second address (can be empty);

  • Zipcode - mention a zipcode for this advertiser;

  • Phone - enter a phone number associated with the advertiser.


Click the “Save” button to proceed with changes.

Click the “Cancel” button to close the window.

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