The “Saved Reports” section allows you to view, edit, and load reports based on the saved filter settings for the system's data lists and reports. To create a saved report, go to the Reports > Alerts or Contact Update Log tab. Click the “Save” button to save filter settings applied to the report. To view all saved reports, go to the Reports > Saved Reports section.
To load the already saved report, choose it from a drop-down list and click the “Load” button.

The “Saved Reports” section displays the following data:


Date - the date when the report was saved

Type - the report type

Name - the report name

To edit the report name, click the “Edit” button, and click the “Save“ button to proceed.

saved reports edit

To delete the record, click the “Delete” button and click the “Delete” button again to confirm your action.

saved reports delete
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