The “Email Campaign” section allows you to create, view, edit, and delete the email campaigns. To manage the email campaigns, go to the Campaigns > Email Campaigns section.

The “Email Campaign” section displays the following data:

ID - the campaign ID

Created - the campaign creation date.

Expires - the campaign expiration date.

Name - the campaign’s name.

Status - the campaign status. (Active or Deleted)

Emails - the total number of emails in the campaign.

Opt-Outs - the number of opt-outs collected from the campaign.

Mailers - the number of mailers assigned to the campaign.

Complaints -the number of complaints received from users who are getting emails five days after opt-out.

Non-Compliance - the number of non-compliance alerts when a mailer has not reviewed a campaign for a set number of days.

To view the unsubscribe link, click the “Unsubscribe Links” button.

Email Campaigns - unsubscribe links

To view the campaign details, click the “View” button.

Email Campaigns - view-1

You can scrub your email list against the campaign out-out list, and the system will return an updated email list that excludes unsubscribed emails. To start the email cleanse, upload your email list by clicking the “Cleanse Emails” button. Please use one of the following file types: Plain Text, CSV, Tab, or Pipe. The file should only contain the "Email"

Email Campaigns - cleanse emails

column with the list of the emails in the plain-text or MD5 format. Do not include the header row.

To download the list of campaign’s email addresses, click the “Download” button. You can set the format of the downloaded list by selecting the following options:

Encrypted MD5 - check the box to download the emails in the encrypted format.

Plain Contact - check the box to download the emails in the plain text format. This option is only available if contacts are stored in Plain&MD5 format.

Import Datetime - check the box to add the contact creation date column to the list.

Opt-Out IP - check the box to add the out-out IP address to the list.

Verification Status - check the box to add the contact verification status to the list.

Verification Date - check the box to add the contact verification date to the list.

Zip Opt-Out File - check the box to download the list in the .zip file format.

Collection Type - select the type of contacts to be included in the list. (Both Collected & Imported, Collected via Opt-Out Pages Only, Imported Emails/MD5s only).

Mailer - select the mailer to download the opt-outs for the specific mailer or select All to download all contacts.

Field Separator - select the field separator for the list. (Semicolon, comma, tab, pipe).

Domain Suffix - (optional) enter the domain suffix to download contacts for the specified domains only, e.g., You can list the domains using commas.

From/To - (optional) enter the start and end dates to include the contacts added to the list during a specified time frame.

To download the list of campaign’s email addresses in the selected format, click the “Download” button. For extra security, you can set the password for your .zip file. The additional "Password For Zip" and "Password" fields will appear after selecting the "Zip Opt-Out File" checkbox.

Email Campaigns - download-1

To add a new campaign, click the “Add New Campaign” button, and fill out the following fields:

List - select the email list in the “List” dropdown menu.

Campaign Name - enter the campaign name.

Short Description - enter a brief description.

Allow All Mailers - set mailers’ access to the campaign. To provide access to all mailers, check the “Give Access to All Mailers” box. To provide access to the selected mailers, check the “Give Access to Select Mailers” box and select the mailers in the “Select Mailers” dropdown menu.

Expiration Date - (optional) you can set the mailer’s access expiration date.

To create a campaign, click the “Save” button.

Email Campaigns - new-1

To edit the campaign, click the “Edit” button, and update the required fields. To save the changes, click the “Save” button.

Email Campaigns - edit-1

To delete the campaign, click the “Delete” button. Follow the instructions and click “Delete” to confirm your action.

Email Campaigns - delete
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