The “Manage Mailers” section allows you to create, view, edit, and delete mailers. To view the mailer’s list, go to the Mailers > Manage Mailers section.

The “Manage Mailers” section displays the following data:

ID - the mailer ID.

Created - the mailer creation date.

Company name - the mailer’s company name.

URL - the mailer website URL.

Status - the mailer status.

Email Campaigns - the number of email campaigns the mailer is assigned to.

SMS Campaigns - the number of SMS campaigns the mailer is assigned to.

Opt-Outs - the number of opt-outs from all campaigns assigned to the mailer.

Complaints - the number of complaints received from users who are getting emails five days after opt-out.

Non-Compliance - the number of non-compliance alerts received by the mailer when the mailer has not reviewed a campaign for a set number of days.

To create a new mailer, click the “Create New Mailer” button, and fill out the following fields and click the “Add” button:

Mailer Details Block

Company Name - enter the mailer’s company name

Web Address - enter the mailer website URL

Notes - enter notes related to the mailer

Primary Contact Block

First Name - enter the first name of the mailer’s person of contact.

Last Name - enter the last name of the mailer’s person of contact.

Email - enter the mailer email address.

Phone - enter the mailer phone number.

Password - enter the mailer password.

Status - assign a status to the mailer. (Active, Disabled, Deleted).

Opt-Out Domain - select the opt-out domain settings (Default Domain, System Domain, Custom Domain). To manage opt-out domains, go to the System Management > Opt-Out Domains section.

Access Settings Block

Override System Settings - if you want to override the system access settings for this mailer, check the “Override System Settings” box, and the additional fields will become available. You can set the data download format for this mailer in the

“Download Format” section. Check the “Plain Contact” box to allow the mailer to export the contacts in the plain text format. This option is only available if the contacts are stored in Plain&MD5 format. Check the “MD5 Encrypted” box to allow the mailer to export the contacts in the encrypted format. To allow the mailer to perform the list cleansing, check the “Allow Upload of Opt-In List” box in the “List Cleansing” section. To allow the mailer to download the deltas, check the “Allow Mailer to Download Deltas (changes)” box in the “Download Deltas” section.

Add Mailer to Campaigns Block

Select the campaigns you want to assign the mailer to.

Manage Mailers - new mailer - override settings

To edit the mailer, click the “Edit” button, change the required fields in the pop-up window, and click the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

Manage Mailers - edit

To change the password, click the “Change Password” button, enter a new password to the “New Password” field and repeat it in the “Repeat Password” field. To confirm changes, click the “Save” button.

Manage Mailers - change password

To delete the mailer, click the “Delete” button, follow the instructions and click the “Delete” button to confirm the action.

Manage Mailers - delete

To view the mailer’s details, click the “View” button. The system will redirect you to the mailer details page. The “General” tab displays general information about the mailer: ID, company name, web address, etc.

The “Contacts” tab allows you to view and edit the mailer’s contact information. To add the contact information, click the “Add New Record” button.

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