To enable LMS/Call Logic Publishers to register as Lynx Affiliates, go to the System Management > General > Project Settings section, select the “Lynx” tab, and then select the “Enrollment to Lynx” subtab.

To enable the feature, select the “Yes” value in the “Allow LMS&Call Logic publishers automatic registration on the LYNX platform” field.

You can manage the following enrollment settings for Lynx:

  • LYNX icon PNG: To change the icon of the Lynx enrollment page, click the “Upload” button. To restore the default icon, click the “Reset to default” button.

  • LYNX's description for an enrollment page: Enter the text. You can change the appearance and formatting of the page description by using HTML tags.

  • Button text for an enrollment page: Enter the name of the enrollment button.

  • Button icon for an enrollment page: Select the icon for the enrollment button.

Click “Save” to complete the action.

Note: Lynx enrollment is not available for users with “Publisher Limited” roles

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