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The Silent Campaigns feature allows you to further process leads without redirecting them after they were processed as a regular flow. In addition, Silent Campaigns setup supports multiple sales, can work based on triggers, and can be used to send leads data to other systems and tools (CRMs, Email marketing tools, and others).

To create a Silent Campaign, go to the Client Management > Campaigns section.

Click the “Create New Campaign” button and fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Enter the name of the Campaign.

  • Product: Select which Product the Campaign will be assigned to.

  • Buyer: Select which Buyer the Campaign will be assigned to.

  • Campaign type: Select the Campaign type “Silence”.

Read more about the Campaign types in this Knowledge Base article.

  • Timezone: Select the timezone of the Campaign.

  • Min Price: Enter the minimum price of the Campaign.

Click the “Add” button to save.

To configure and activate the Campaign, click the “Configure” button in the “Actions” column.

Silent Campaign should be configured in the same way as a Main processing Campaign.

Read the detailed instructions on how to set up a Campaign in this Knowledge Base article.

For Silent Campaigns, you must create a separate Ping Tree with the “Silence” type.

Read the detailed instructions on how to create and set up a Ping Tree in this Knowledge Base article.

Note: The Ping Tree strategies are not applicable for the silence type because the lead will be posted to all Silent Campaigns at the same time without any priority.

You can set lead statuses as triggers for Silent Campaigns. Read more about triggers for Silent Campaigns in this Knowledge Base article.

Note: When you set up a trigger for the particular Silent Campaign, we suggest not adding this Campaign to a Silent Ping Tree. Otherwise, the lead can be sold twice to that Campaign.

The “Delay Scheduling” option is an additional setting specifically for the Silent. Campaigns. This option allows you to set time (in minutes) before the lead is processed on the Silent Campaign.

Read more about how to enable the Rev-Share option for the Silent Campaign in this Knowledge Base article.

To get an overview of the particular Silent Campaign performance, go to the All Reports > Buyer Reports > Lead Details section and filter by the Buyer Campaign.

Read more about the Buyer Report: Lead Details in this Knowledge Base article.

To review the Silent Campaign processing for the selected lead, click on the “Lead ID” in the “Buyer Report: Lead Details” for the selected lead, go to the “Filter Log” tab and select the “Monetization” subtab.

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