To view the “Dashboard” section, go to the upper left corner and click “Dashboard”.

You can customize the dashboard by adding available widgets and blocks based on your preference:

  • Opt-Outs: Displays the total number of email addresses who have unsubscribed compared to the previous 7 and 30 days.

  • Stats: Displays the total number of mailers, lists, campaigns, and contacts.

  • Transfers: Shows the total number of exports and imports compared to the previous 7 and 30 days.

  • Alerts: Widget allows you to view the total number of complaints and non-compliance alerts as well as the number of active complaints and non-compliance alerts.

  • Activity: Displays the activities of the previous 7 or 30 days.

  • Top Mailers: Displays the top mailers and the opt-outs by mailers.

  • Last Alerts: Shows the last six alerts. Note: To check the “Alerts” report, click the “View Alerts Report” button.

  • Mailers Last Activity: Displays the last six activities performed by mailers. Note: To check the import and export report, click the “View Import/Export Report”button.

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