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Event Tracking allows you to track the various events in the system(e.g., lead sold, lead rejected, etc.) and set the actions to be automatically triggered by them for the selected Product.

Read about event tracking in the Phonexa system and how to set it up in this Knowledge Base article.

To manage Integration Rules, go to the System Management > Products section, select the Product from the list, and click the “Settings” button in the “Actions” column. Select the “Tracking” tab on the Product Setup page.

To add a new Integration Rule, click the “Add Rule” button and select the action you want to perform, trigger for this action, and click the “Config Rule” button.

Depending on the Product and method of the integration you need to fill in the required fields in the pop-up window to define the trigger and action you would like to set up for this Product.

To view logs for the integrations set in this tab, go to the System Management > Logs > Tracking Log section.

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