Learn how to generate the Goals report, filter it by date, offer, or affiliate, and identify advertisers driving top-performing traffic.


The Goals section allows you to check the downstream conversion rates and helps to identify advertisers driving high-performing traffic to the offers by different dates. To view the report go to the Home > All Reports > Goals section.

To generate a specific report use the next filter fields:

  • Date - search by date (Last 6 month/ Today/ Yesterday/ This week/ Last week/ This month/ Last month/ Custom Range);

  • Offer - search by offer (select from the drop-down list);

  • Offer Type - search by offer type (default/LMS + Call Logic);

  • Advertiser - search by exact offer’s advertiser(select from the drop-down list);

  • Affiliate - search by exact offer’s affiliate(select from the drop-down list);

Click the Search button to generate a list.

The goals report list displays the next data columns:

  • Offer - the offer name;

  • Advertiser - the advertiser name to which the offer connected;

  • Goal - the final action for this offer (ex. Registrations of the new user or coming to the home page);

  • Conversion - the number of conversions for the current offer;

  • Goal CR - the conversion rate of the current offer.

You can save the selected filtering settings (except date range) and column filters for the report. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and click the “Save” button. The saved report will be available in the “Saved Reports” section.