GoCardless: Direct Payment Method 

The article provides instructions on setting up the GoCardless payment method, which includes creating an account on GoCardless and making a payment using a link or token. 

GoCardless is an online payment service provider that enables businesses to collect payments directly from customers' bank accounts using Direct Debit.

Creation and setup of the GoCardless profile

Sign in to your GoCardless account. If you do not have a GoCardless account, you must first sign up for one by following this registration link: https://manage.gocardless.com/sign-up. 

To integrate with Phonexa, you will need to create AccessToken and Webhook secret. For this, follow the Token Creation link. 

The Access Token may also be created in the “Developers” section of the GoCardless system. Go to the corresponding section and click the “Create an access token” link. 

Enter the token’s name and select the “Read-write access” access option in the “Scope” field. 

It is important to copy the token from the “Access token successfully created” pop-up window because it won’t be accessible after the pop-up is closed. Make sure you save this token for future reference.

Follow the Webhooks setup link, and fill in the following fields in the "Create webhook endpoint" pop-up window:

  • Name: Enter the name of the webhook.
  • URL: Enter the corresponding URL. The format of the URL is the following: {accounting_hostname}/processing/gocardless/webhook. Note, if you don’t have the corresponding link, please, get in touch with your Account Manager.  
  • Secret: Leave empty.
  • Webhook client certificate: Leave unmarked. 

Click the “Create webhook endpoint” button to complete the action. 

You may also create a webhook endpoint, go to the “Developers” section of the GoCardless system, and click the “Create a webhook endpoint” link. 

After creating the Webhook endpoint, go to the Webhook endpoints management page and click on the endpoint you just created to see its details. Then, copy the value from the "Secret" field. 

Note that the Webhook endpoint secret value and the Access Token should be saved and sent to your Account Manager. 

Set up Funds Withdraw via the token

To withdraw funds via the token, send the corresponding request to your Account Manager to assist you with the configuration.  Note that it might take up to 7 days to complete the setup. 

Set up Funds Withdraw via the link

To withdraw funds via the link, follow the link included in your invoice email sent by Accounting at Phonexa and fill in the fields in the “Set up your payment to” pop-up window. Then follow the instructions from the GoCardless system.