How To Create An Unsubscribe List

Learn how to create an unsubscribe list. Edit unsubscribe lists for your SMS and email campaigns at Phonexa list management page.

You can view the detailed instruction on how to create and edit an unsubscribe list.

Please follow this guide for creating/editing an unsubscribe list. These could be used in setting up Email or SMS campaigns.

  1. To create a new unsubscribe list, go to Suppression Management > Unsubscribe Lists section. Click on ‘Add Unsubscribe List

2. From the popup, you can choose ‘List Type’ using either Email or Phone and type a list name.

3. Click on ‘Add’ to add a new unsubscribe list. Once added you will see it as a new row as shown below. In order to add new contacts to that list, you can click on ‘Manage’ and then click on ‘Add Contact

4. Once you click on ‘Add Contact’, a popup to select the contacts pops up as seen below:

(1). You can click on ‘Add Contact’ to add one by one

(2). Or you can select the checkbox and add multiple contacts.