How To Manage Agent Settings

Check this step-by-step instruction on how to manage Agent Settings and learn how to successfully view or edit settings in the systems.

To view and edit publisher agent settings in the system, go to the System Management > General > Project Settings section, select the “LMS and Call Logic” tab, “Agent Settings” subtab.

The followings settings are available:

  • % Default Earning Percent - assign the default earning percentage for the publisher agent.

  • Default Publisher Agent - from the drop-down list select the publisher agent that will be assigned to the publisher in the event the publisher does not select an agent during the registration.

  • Publisher Agent Assignment - from the drop-down list select the Publisher Agent that will be assigned to the Publisher automatically in the event the Publisher does not select an Account Representative during the registration. There are four available options in the system:

    • Default Agent - the default publisher agent is assigned automatically.

      1. Random - the publisher agent is assigned randomly.

      2. Rotation With Weight - the agent is assigned depending on the weight value. To check the agent`s weight, go to the System Users > User Management > Employees section, click the “View” button, and select the “Publisher Agent Weight” tab.

      3. Rotation With Weight Depending On Publishers Language - the agent is assigned depending on the weight value and the language selected by the publisher in the registration form.

  • Publisher Agents For Registration page - select from the drop-down list the publisher agent display options on the registration page (“All except of listed below” or “Only listed below”).

  • Publisher Agent List - add publisher agents to the Publisher Agent List that will be displayed on the registration page.

Click the “Save” button to complete the process.