How To Segment Contacts With Contact List Builder

Learn how to segment contacts with contact list builder in our quick guide. Create and edit specialized contact lists with ease

You can view the detailed instruction on how to segment your contacts into custom contact lists based on special rules.

Please follow this guide for segmenting your contacts list. The whole idea of segmentation is to separate your contacts into separate contact lists based on special segmentation rules.

  1. To create a new contact segmentation, go to List Management > Contact List Builder section. Click on ‘Add New Segment’’

2. From the popup, type a segment name.

3. A new row will be shown below. In order to configure the segmentation rules, click on ‘Edit’.

4. Once you click on ‘Edit’. You will be taken to the Edit segmentation page where you can set up ‘Segments Rules’.

(1). Select Source List: select a source contact list or you can leave it blank to go to all contacts.

(2). Select Target List: select a target contact list which is a list where you want these segmented contacts to go to.

(3). Segment Definition: This is where you define segment rules based on different criteria. The default grouping is based on ‘AND’ condition, you also have the choice to select grouping by ‘OR’.

In order to add a new ‘Segment Definition’ click the "Plus" button. A popup like the one below will show up.

(1) & (2) these are optional to add another set of grouping by either ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ condition.

You can select from one of the 3 columns ‘Contact Fields Filtrations’, ‘System Fields Filtration’ or ‘Behaviour Segmentation’.

Here is an example:
Let’s say you want to segment ‘All Contacts’ to filter by the following rules:

  • Gender ‘Male’ AND

  • Email contains ‘’ AND

  • Country ‘US’

To establish follow these steps:
- Click the "Plus" button and select ‘Gender’ and a drop-down like below will show up. Select ‘Male’

- Click the "Plus" button and select ‘Email’ and a drop-down like below will show up. Select ‘Contains’ and then type ‘’

- Click the "Plus" button and select ‘Country’ and a drop-down like below will show up. Select ‘Equals’ and then type ‘US’

You could also click the "Plus" button and click the "Grouping By OR" button if you want to add a rule with ‘OR’ condition. Then you can follow the same steps as above. This feature offers great flexibility and lets you control how you segment your contact data.

(4). Automation: if you would like the process of segmenting your contacts to be ‘Automated’ -- meaning it automatically checks for any new contacts from ‘Source List’ and then filters it by specified criteria -- then all you need to do to ‘Check’ that option.

Once you are done, you can click on ‘Save and Activate’. This will save your segment settings and start the process.

You can see your progress bar if you click back on ‘Contact List Builder’ main page.