iClear: Litigant Alert

The “Litigant Alert” service allows you to search and analyze the phone number for legal cases and identify the customers who pose a significant risk to your financial well-being so you can protect yourself.

To enable this service, go to the Fraud and Anomaly > iClear > Lead Processing Rules section and select a Product from the drop-down list.

iclearOnce you select the Product, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Lead Processing Rules (iClear) sub-tab. You may also navigate here by selecting the System Management > Products section on the left-hand menu and clicking on the “Settings” button for the corresponding product (Lead Processing Rules (iClear) sub-tab).

To configure this service, click the “Add Service” button in the Global Rules block. Fill in the following fields:

  • Select Third Party Service: Select the “Ligitant Alert” option.
  • Select a field to retrieve the phone number: Select which field the system will retrieve the lead phone number from (e.g., home phone, cell phone, work phone, etc).
  • Execution Type: 
    • Select the "Asynchronous" option to make a simultaneous request and process a lead without waiting for the lookup outcome. This execution type is recommended for analytical purposes and not for real-time filtration of a lead based on the lookup status. While processing a lead, the system will make a Litigant Alert (service) request. The request’s response will be obtained and saved in the system, which can be viewed in the Lead Details section. 
    • Select the "Synchronous" option to wait for the service lookup outcome before processing a lead. This execution type is recommended for real-time filtration of a lead based on the lookup status. Before processing a lead the system will make a Litigant Alert (service) request. While synchronous processing we can make an impact on the lead processing and reject it if needed. 
  • % of leads lookup: Set the percentage of leads to be checked through this service.
  • Maximum search period in months (0 - unlimited): Enter the number of latest months that will be taken into consideration for the cases’ search through the service. If you would like to perform the search with no specific time range (cases from all time that is available), enter the “0” value. 
  • Reject lead if actions are: Select the type of cases or actions that can be taken. Leads with a phone number that is related to the selected type of cases (actions) will be rejected automatically if the match is found while checking through the service (CFPB, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, Other).


The “Additional Run Settings” configuration block allows you to configure more options to determine at which stage you would prefer to run the service.

  • Service run time: Select whether you would prefer to run the service before or after the leads are filtered out (After filtration / Before filtration). 
    Note: Please be aware that selecting this option may impact your invoice. Once this option is selected and no campaigns remain for the service to run, there will be no charges incurred.
  • Run service on (PingPost products only): Select one of the options to determine at which stage you would prefer to run the service for the Ping Post products (Ping / Post / Ping and Post). 
  • Run service on silent ping: Select “Yes” if you would like to run the service during the silent ping stage. Select “No” to exclude this option.

Click the “Add” button to confirm.


Read more about the Global Rules and Advanced Rules configuration in this Knowledge Base article.