JS Form Check

Find out how to view affiliate activity in forms, and approve or block websites from using them in our quick guide to the JS Form Check section.

The JS Form Check section allows you to view the activity of affiliates who are using our forms. Also, you can view the websites and approve or block sites from using these forms. To view the list of websites go to the Publisher Management > Promo Materials > JS Form Check section.

Use the next filter fields to sort the list of websites:

  • Form ID: The ID number of the form.

  • Publisher Agent: The agent of the publisher.

  • Publisher: The publisher name.

  • Domain: The domain of the website.

  • URL: The uniform resource locator.

  • Status: The status of the website.

You can specify the report using the date filters:

  • Form ID: Select the form ID.
  • Publisher Agent: Select the Publisher Agent.
  • Publisher: Select the Publisher.
  • Domain: Select the domain.
  • URL: Select the URL.
  • Status: Select the status of the website.
  • First Loaded: Select the time range.
  • Last Loaded: Select the time range.
  • Last Check: Select the time range.

To download data about the websites in the “CSV” file click the “Export to CSV” button.

To edit the website status, click the “Details” button in the “Actions” column and choose one of the statuses from the list:

  • Not checked

  • Active

  • Blocked

  • Deleted.