Media and Other Documents section (Lynx)

Check our short guide to the Media and Other Documents section and learn how to view and manage documents relevant to your business.

The Media and Other Documents section is used to upload and store any documents relevant to your business that are not included in the Phonexa Documents and References menu. This can include creatives, images, email templates, internal compliance policies and procedures, etc.

To view or upload the documents, go to the Documents and References > Media and Other Documents section. 


You can narrow down the search results by using the “Filter” field. Enter any string or number value related to the required file's name, size, type, or creation date.


The Media and Other Documents list contains the following information:

  • Name: The name of the document. Note: To view the document, click on its name.
  • Size: The size of the document.
  • Type: The type and format of the document (image, folder, application, audio).
  • Created: The date and time of the document uploading.

To upload the document, click the “Upload Images/Documents…” button (1). To upload the folder, click the “Upload folder…” (2) button.


To delete the document, click the “Remove” button in the “Actions” column.


In the “Remove” pop-up window, click the “Delete” button to confirm the action or click the “Cancel” button to close the window.


Click the "Export" button and select "Current Page to CSV" to export the current page to CSV or "All Pages to CSV" to export all pages to CSV.