My Phone numbers

Wondering how to find and filter the reserved phone numbers? Check our short guide to the “My Phone numbers” section.

In “My Phone numbers” section publisher can check and filter all phone numbers which are reserved by him and configure the phone settings.

To open the report go to the Publisher management > Promo materials > My phone numbers section.

The detailed report could be filtered by:

  • Phone number: Select the phone number.

  • Phone number Label: Select the phone number label.

  • Product: Select the Product (PayDay US/ General/ Moving US/ Bussiness Loan US/ Wireless General).

  • Group: Select the group (grouping by the three-digit code).

  • Last Change Date: Select the date.

To configure phone settings click the “Edit Phone Number” button in the “Action” column.

In the “Edit Phone Number” pop-up window you can set a Label for the phone number or assign it to a Group.