Per-State Comparison

Here is how you can generate the Per-State Comparison report to view and analyze statistics per chosen states.

The Per-State Comparison report helps you to analyze statistics of Accept Rate, Posts, Sold, and Total Earnings according to the chosen states.

The Per-State Comparison report displays a comparison between selected states by accept rate, posts, sold leads, and total earnings (sorted by tier, by default).

To view the report go to the Analytics and Optimization > Product-based Reports > Per-State Comparison section.

To generate a detail report use the next filter fields:

  • Date - specify the date range;

  • Product - select the product from the drop-down list (required field);

  • Publisher - select the publisher from the drop-down list;

  • States - required field, choose one to pull report by chosen state or more for comparison;

  • Loan Amount From - specify the min loan amount;

  • Loan Amount To - specify the max loan amount (required when Loan Amount From is specified);

The following data is shown in the reports table (for each state):

  • Tier - the tier price (common field for all selected states);

  • Accept Rate - (Post/Sold);

  • Posts - the number of posts;

  • Sold - the number of sold leads;

  • Total Earnings - the total earnings amount.