Phonexa macOS app

The Phonexa application for macOS allows you to manage your system from anywhere, at any time.

The app features the most critical reports and main elements of your system. The intuitive interface is designed to switch between business tools effortlessly and make the most of your Phonexa experience.

The Global Dashboard allows you to manually refresh the page, view, and track the overall performance of all your business tools in real time. You can quickly access all the necessary components using the left-hand menu bar.

Each of the components contains the main features of your Phonexa system. Most of these features are highlighted and designed to be easily accessible.

To switch the configuration or report tabs, use the drop-down list provided at the top of the page.

Use the search bar to filter out the search results of any report by entering the keywords or symbols.

For a more compact view of the reports or logs, use the “Hide” tool in the right upper corner of the interface.

Use the “Share” tool to copy the page link or send the link to your other applications or tools.

To display a more detailed report, use the column switches hidden in the right menu bar.

Click the “Graphic” button (if available) to view the report performance using the graphic. You can easily select the data to display in the graphic by using the provided parameters.