Publisher Reports: Call Summary Report

The Call Summary report allows you to review the Publisher performance and revenue for every product. You can view the report grouped by various criteria on the corresponding report tabs.

 To view the report, go to the All Reports > Publisher Reports > Call Summary section.

The Call Summary report contains the following information:

  • Publisher: The name of the Publisher.

  • Call Count: The total number of calls.

  • Error Count: The total number of call errors.

  • Leads: The total number of leads.

  • Leads, %: The ratio of the number of incoming calls converted to leads to the total number of incoming calls.

  • Sold: The number of sold leads.

  • Sold, %: The ratio of the number of sold leads to the total number of leads.

  • Reject: The number of rejected leads.

  • Lead Hangup (IVR): The number of calls that were hung up during IVR routing before a Buyer was found.

  • IVR Error: The number of rejected calls by IVR due to an error or a timeout.

  • IVR Reject: The number of leads that were rejected based on the IVR setup.

  • Duration: The total call duration.

  • Duration (Buyer): The call duration after it was connected to the Buyer.

  • Avg. Duration: The average call duration for the selected date range.

  • BMC: The Buyer Minutes Cost.The cost per minute for the Buyer call.

  • AGN: The Agent payment.

  • REF: The Referral payment.

  • Pub: The Publisher earnings.

  • ADM: Admin revenue.

  • TTL: Total revenue.

  • EPL: The Publisher earnings per lead (Publisher earnings divided by the total number of leads).

  • EPC: The Publisher earnings per call (Publisher earnings divided by the total number of calls).

  • ALP: The average lead price (Publisher earnings divided by the total number of sold leads).

  • Date: The dates within the selected range.

  • Phone Number: Reserved phone number for the Publisher.

  • Product: The name of the Product.

  • Channel: The Publisher Channel.

  • Source: The Publisher source.

  • Hour: The by-hour lead volume list (e.g., 00, 01, etc.).

  • Duration (the "Duration" tab only): The total call duration.

  • Call, % (the "Duration" tab only): The percentage of calls with a certain duration to the total number of calls.

You can view the report grouped by the following criteria:

  • Group by Publisher

  • Group by Date

  • Group by Phone Number

  • Do not Group

  • For Accounting

  • Group by Product

  • Group by Hour

  • Group by Duration

You can narrow down the search results by using the following filters:

  • Date: Enter the date range for the report.

  • Product: Select the Product from the drop-down menu.

  • Publisher Agent: Select the Publisher Agent.

  • Publisher: Select the Publisher.

  • Publisher Phone Number: Select the Publisher phone number.

  • Publisher Source: Select the Publisher source.

  • Phone Number Group: Select the phone number group.

  • Phone Number Tag: Select the phone number tag.

  • IVR: Select the name of IVR.

Click the “Search” button to generate the report.