Sub-user Account

The Sub-user account allows multiple users to log in under the same user account with their unique login and password.

Follow these steps to create a Sub-user account:

Go to the System Users > User Management > Employees section and click the “Create New User” button.

Fill the following fields in the “Create User” pop-up window:

  • Email: Enter a new user email address.

  • Nick Name: Enter a nickname for a new user.

  • Groups: Assign the user to the Sub-user group.

  • Parent Account(s): Choose the parent account(s) for the Sub-user.

  • Status: Set the status Active or Disable.

  • New password: Enter the password.

  • Repeat password: Confirm the password.

  • First name: Enter the First name.

  • Last name: Enter the Last name.

Click the “Add” button to complete registration.

Note: The Sub-user role cannot be used with any other role in the system.

Example: You have one Publisher Parent account with three Sub-users. If one of the Sub-users is not available, others can log in to the system and perform the necessary actions.

Other important notes on the Sub-user account:

  • The Sub-user account must have a Parent account selected.

  • Only users with Global Admin roles can add and edit accounts with the Sub-user role.

  • The Sub-user is automatically super logged under the Parent account when logging in.

  • All actions are logged as the Parent account. You can also see who is logged in under the Parent account.

  • When you select the Sub-user in the “Groups” field, the “Parent account” field appears under that field.

  • You can’t assign the following roles to the Parent account: Global Admin, Local Admins, Accounting, Support, Instance Owner.

  • In case of changing the Sub-user role, the Parent account(s) will be cleared.