Buyer Access Configuration

The Buyer Access Configuration tab allows you to set the permissions for all Campaigns related to the specific Product or Buyer.

To manage the settings, go to the System Management > Products section, choose the relevant Product, and click the “Settings” button in the “Action” column. You can select the preferable option by marking the following checkboxes:

Note: The users with the Global Admin, LMS Admin, and Call Logic Admin roles can view and configure the access permissions settings.

  • View the campaign.
  • Allow adding Buyer Disposition.
  • Change price of the campaign.
  • View status of the campaign.
  • Change status of the campaign from paused to active.
  • Change status of the campaign from disabled to active.
  • Change Timezone.
  • View the schedule.
  • Edit the schedule restrictions.
  • Edit the schedule caps.
  • Edit the schedule extra caps.
  • Edit the schedule.
  • View source denylist.
  • Edit source denylist.
  • Edit pre minute cost.
  • View the duplicates.
  • Edit the duplicates.
  • View the filters (Select all / Deselect all).
  • Edit the filters (Select all / Deselect all).
  • View the flexible filters.
  • Edit the flexible filters.
  • View the tracking.
  • Edit the tracking.
  • View the integration.
  • Edit the integration.
  • View campaign pause settings.
  • View the notification.
  • Edit the notification.
  • View the non-accept notification.
  • Edit the non-accept notification.
  • View the filter by TPS.
  • Edit the filter by TPS.
  • View Phone/IVR
  • View Direct Transfer to Phone
  • Edit Direct Transfer to Phone
  • View Custom IVR
  • Edit Custom IVR
  • View Additional Custom Settings
  • Edit Additional Custom Settings
  • View SIP Headers
  • Edit SIP Headers

Click the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

Note: You can manage the same access configuration settings on the Campaign level (Client management > Setup > Campaigns > “Configure” button > Access control tab) on the Buyer level (Client Management > Buyer List > “Settings” button > Buyer Access Configuration tab) and on the Campaign Templates level.

The same access configuration settings on the different levels will result in the following prioritization rules:

  1. Campaign level.
  2. Buyer level.
  3. Product level.
  4. Campaign Templates level.

For example, if you set up at least one rule at the Campaign level, any rules set at the Buyer or Product levels will not apply. 

If the rules aren’t set up at the Campaign level, the system would apply the Buyer level rules. 

If the rules aren’t set up at the Buyer level, the system would apply the Product level rules.

If the Campaign was created from the Campaign Template, the created Campaign collects the access control settings, even if the Campaign Template does not have them. In this case, the priority settings (Buyer Access Configuration > Product Access Configuration) are combined with the Campaign Access Configuration (Campaign level > Buyer level > Product level).

The access rules will be applied to all Campaigns that belong to this Product, as well as Campaign Templates.

Read more about how to manage access to Campaign Settings in this article.