Buyer Configuration: Accounting Settings

The “Accounting Settings” tab allows you to view and configure the accounting information for the Buyer.

To view the “Accounting Settings” tab, go to the Client Management > Buyer List section, select a Buyer from the list, and click the “Settings” button in the “Actions” column. On the Buyer Setup page, go to the “Accounting Settings” tab.

The “Accounting Settings” tab contains the following information:

  • Buyer name: Enter the name of the Buyer.
  • Email(s): Enter the email address of the Buyer.
  • Address: Enter the physical address of the Buyer.
  • Invoice period: Select the preferable invoice frequency (Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly/Manual).
    • Due Period: Enter the number of days provided for the Buyer to make the payment.
  • Auto Charge: Enter the auto charge amount of the Buyer.
  • Report Notification Email: Select the frequency of the report notifications for the Buyer (Disabled/Weekly/Semi-Monthly/Monthly).
  • Lead Return Time Limit: Enter the maximum lead return period (one to 90 days) for the Buyer.
  • Prepaid Buyer: Enable the feature that allows Buyer to receive traffic only with an existing positive balance(Yes/No). Read more about the Prepaid Buyer’s option in the Knowledge Base article.

Click the “Save” button to confirm.