Buyer Lead Details: Buyer Filter Log Statuses

The Buyer Lead Details section allows you to view detailed information about all leads from all Publishers, such as ID, status, the Redirect Status, etc.

 Read more about the Lead Details in this Knowledge Base article.

To view the Filter Logs section of the Lead from the Buyer’s side, go to All Reports > Buyer Reports > Lead Details section. To open the Lead Info section, select a Lead from the list and click the “Lead ID” button in the “Lead ID” column.

Select the “Filter Log” tab in the Lead Info section and then the “Main Processing” subtab. The status of the Lead is displayed in the “Status” field.

The following Lead statuses are available in the system:

  • Accept: The system sends a ping to the Buyer and receives a response that the Buyer is ready to purchase the Lead. When the status is changed to "Accept", the money will be deducted from the Buyer.

  • Auth Error: The Publisher Channel has not been activated to send leads, or the Publisher has entered incorrect authorization data.

  • Cap Out Send: The Buyer is not receiving traffic (posts) because the daily cap has already been reached.

  • Cap Out Sold: The Buyer does not purchase Leads because the sold cap limitation is already reached, but he receives the traffic and pings.

  • DNPL: The Buyer does not receive traffic if there is at least one field match from the Lead Information with the Do Not Present List.

  • Duplicate: The Buyer has already purchased the lead, but another campaign has also received the same lead. The Lead has been identified as a duplicate based on the set time limitation for duplicates in the Campaign Settings.

  • Error: Any error obtained from the Buyer, Campaign, or the System side.

  • Filtered: The Lead has been filtered out according to the Campaign Filter settings.

  • Group Reject: This status can be displayed due to the Campaign Group’s Reject. When the Lead has been declined by one Campaign from the Group, other Campaigns from this Group will decline this Lead by default.

  • Long Month Cap: The monthly limit for the sold leads and posts has been reached.

  • Long Week Cap: The weekly limit for the sold leads and posts has been reached.

  • Lower Price: The status of the Price Reject for the lead that was sold for lower than the offered price.

  • Higher Price: The status of the Price Reject for the lead that was sold for higher than the offered price.

  • New: The Lead just entered the system and is currently being processed (the Sold or Reject statuses are not displayed yet).

  • No Reply: The Lead obtained the incorrect response from the system or did not receive the Sold or Reject response from any available Buyer.

  • Not Post - The Lead has not been processed through the selected Campaign in the PingTree because it was sold to the Campaign that is placed higher in the PingTree.

  • Offer Received: The status is available only for ping-post Products. The Ping was sent to the Buyer's Campaign, but the post hasn't been processed yet.

  • Prepay: The status of the Lead that entered the Campaign but hasn't been purchased yet due to insufficient funds in the Buyer's Prepaid account. Note: Available only if the Prepaid Option is set up in the Buyer's Account Settings. Read more about the Prepaid Buyer Option in this Knowledge Base article.

  • Price Conflict: The status of the Lead that the Buyer did not purchase because the offered price is lower than the price in the Campaign's settings, and there is no Price Reject.

  • Price Reject: The Lead status when the Campaign responds with a price lower than the set Min Price, but the Publisher is requesting a price higher than the price in the Integration. Note: The Min Price is predefined in the Integration settings.

  • Publisher Filter: Available only if the Buyer has set up the filtration settings in the SSID Management to allow filtering out Leads from certain publishers or if the filtration is enabled on the Campaign level in the Filter by Pubs tab. Read more about Campaign filtering rules in this Knowledge Base article.

  • Reject: The Buyer’s response is Reject.

  • Repost Reject: The status of the Lead that has been redirected to the Campaign via the repost but was rejected.

  • Restrict: The status of the Lead that has been filtered out due to the set restrictions in the Campaign schedule settings. These restrictions allow the Buyer to post or sell a predefined number of Leads within the set time range.

  • Test: The status of the Test Lead. Test Lead is the Lead that contains the word “Test” in any information field (test traffic).

  • Timeout: The Buyer or Campaign responded slower than the predefined time limit.

  • Traffic: The probability (percentage) of selecting the current Campaign if the Lead meets the predefined internal filter requirements.

  • Unknown Error: An unexpected error has occurred.

  • Wait Redirect: The status of the Leads that entered an Exit Page campaign and have not followed the redirect link yet.